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What Will Be Your "Music For The Season" ?

by Tony Underwood on 05/29/17

Hello Students, Parents, Friends,
As Spring draws to a close and Summer us upon us (Summer starts June 21, I know it already feels like Summer) Let us take some time to reflect on the music in our lives. As the seasons pass, we anticipate the vacations and fun we are planning, answer this question. What music has had an impact on your summers? Did you get to know a great pop song, see a classical concert, dance to a wonderful beat at a party, or even (as you get older) hear a different arrangement or take on a song that was special to you many summers ago?
Summer is a time for new acquaintances, renewing friendship, seeing relatives we have not seen in a while, and learning new songs.
Please keep up your music studies over the break, but this doesn't have to mean dry, maybe boring practice; take your instrument to show your new friends and relatives what you are studying; go to a concert or listen to a new kind of music. Watch a live performance. Take the time to listen and enjoy the music of the world around you. You might appreciate a new type of music that you couldn't have understood without your music lessons. Music is the sounds of life and living, so seek it out, immerse yourself in it and gain the satisfaction of enjoyment, understanding and appreciation. Go into this summer with the intention of taking in some new music and giving out new music to others.
Go to our Facebook page and answer the question "What musical memories do you have of the summers past". And let us know the new musical experiences you have found this summer.

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