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Summer Lessons

by Tony Underwood on 06/24/13

The Underwood School offers Lessons throughout the summer. We are month-to - month with no contracts. If a student withdraws because they will miss a lesson or two during vacations, I have seen two disappointing problems arise. First, the student loses their lesson time, and we have students on a waiting list for many times. Secondly, a break in lessons for even one or two weeks can make the student lose momentum and set back newly acquired skills. When lessons resume they may become frustrated with having to re--learn skills they had mastered. Losing the lesson time can also be a setback, with our busy schedules these days, many of my students keep the same day and time all through middle and high school! If you are going to be out, even several weeks this summer, please consider staying enrolled. With proper notice, missed lessons due to vacations, etc can be made up easily over the summer, as morning hours are available as well as afternoon and evening. Also, the student keeps their momentum going, and can make rapid progress due to the lesser workload of other activities over the summer. For others wanting to take lessons, Summer is a great time as we have openings available, and students can get off to a quick start due to having less school work. If you are thinking about lessons, now is a great time! We offer a trial lesson for $15, this gives the student, parent and instructor a chance to meet and discuss goals, lesson plans and the instructor can evaluate the students skill level. Call or text us today 407-456-1788. Keep making music!

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