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Qualities of a Performing Artist

by Tony Underwood on 07/02/13

Hi, Hope everyone is having a great, though soggy day! We all read and produce articles about the benefits of studying music, dance, drama, etc. Some let you see how it makes students better at other things, such as science or math,  or show how it will help them in school. I think all of these reasons are sound, however, I have always believed through experiencing and teaching and performing that the arts should be studied firstly for their own sake. Studying the performing arts is as honorable and respectful as any other area of study. That said, there are reasons to study the arts other than the direct benefit. So here is a compilation of qualities that the performing artist has and uses on a daily basis. Parents,  partners, educators and employers should take note, as the few lines about Music, Dance or Drama in the "Other Abilities" section of a resume can tell you what kind of employee the applicant will make. Thanks, and remember, keep singing, playing, dancing and acting!

PERFORMING ARTISTS (ARE):               

  Confident  Artists are confident performing in front of a crowd.

Independent Thinkers   Music, Dance & Drama require independent drive.

Team Players Comfortable with a solo, performers know even solo work is for the team good, and work together as part of team routines.

Flexible  Performers must think on their feet and thrive on challenges & change.

Learn & Teach   Learning & teaching is a part of every performers life. They continue to learn and provide education throughout their career.

Get The Job Done    Performers know “The Show Must Go On”.

Creative Thinkers.   Just like Da Vinci, Einstein, Jobs, Henry Ford, Warren Buffet, performers merge creativity with every day tasks.

Doers Performers accomplish tasks, acquire new skills, work with all types of people,  always   putting their best “foot” forward.

Excel in All Walks of Life & All Professions  Ask a successful person if they studied the performing arts, many will tell you it played an            important part in their lives and success.  

Live Their Dreams   Performers can remain  active artists throughout their lives.

You & your child can become : adept, quick, confident, determined, hard-working, independent, successful, goal oriented, team players, mentally & physically able & emotionally strong! 

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