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by Tony Underwood on 06/27/15

Exciting times! We are off for two weeks while we move to suite 1010 in this same building. We have experienced continued growth and interest throughout the late spring/early summer. This is welcome, yet it is normally a  time of decreasing student enrollment due to summer, vacations, moving, etc. We had an opportunity to expand our space and layout, and our old location will be used by our sister company, Empire Dance Studio, as a much needed second studio. The Underwood School will have six lesson rooms, larger lobby/parent area, a proper reception counter, break room, and areas to hold group classes. In addition we can use larger rehearsal space at the Dance Studio as well. What this means is being able to better serve our students and parents, allowing multiple lessons at the same time, a greater variety of lesson times, more convenience for the parents and students, and an expanded class schedule. Please check back as we complete the move and reopen for regular lessons July 13th.  WE ARE STILL AVAILABLE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, AND WE ARE STILL MEETING NEW STUDENTS FOR TRIAL LESSONS AND NEW ENROLLMENT LESSONS. I will post pictures soon and some other exciting changes coming.Thank you for your continued support, Tony

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