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What Will Be Your "Music For The Season" ?

by Tony Underwood on 05/29/17

Hello Students, Parents, Friends,
As Spring draws to a close and Summer us upon us (Summer starts June 21, I know it already feels like Summer) Let us take some time to reflect on the music in our lives. As the seasons pass, we anticipate the vacations and fun we are planning, answer this question. What music has had an impact on your summers? Did you get to know a great pop song, see a classical concert, dance to a wonderful beat at a party, or even (as you get older) hear a different arrangement or take on a song that was special to you many summers ago?
Summer is a time for new acquaintances, renewing friendship, seeing relatives we have not seen in a while, and learning new songs.
Please keep up your music studies over the break, but this doesn't have to mean dry, maybe boring practice; take your instrument to show your new friends and relatives what you are studying; go to a concert or listen to a new kind of music. Watch a live performance. Take the time to listen and enjoy the music of the world around you. You might appreciate a new type of music that you couldn't have understood without your music lessons. Music is the sounds of life and living, so seek it out, immerse yourself in it and gain the satisfaction of enjoyment, understanding and appreciation. Go into this summer with the intention of taking in some new music and giving out new music to others.
Go to our Facebook page and answer the question "What musical memories do you have of the summers past". And let us know the new musical experiences you have found this summer.

We are in our new "home

by Tony Underwood on 07/14/15

We have officially moved into our new space! We are in the same building, in suite # 1010. We now have 6 lesson rooms, a lobby/waiting area for parents, a conference/break room, a space for instrument sales, and an open area for group meetings. We are excited to be able to offer up to six lessons at a time! This will allow for scheduling large families, and give more students opportunities we would otherwise not be able to help.
 We hope everyone is having a great summer, don't forget to practice! We will have a larger class offering for group classes beginning on August, and we have many other exciting things in store for the upcoming season. We still have a free instrument special with payment for two months lessons! See you soon! Tony


by Tony Underwood on 06/27/15

Exciting times! We are off for two weeks while we move to suite 1010 in this same building. We have experienced continued growth and interest throughout the late spring/early summer. This is welcome, yet it is normally a  time of decreasing student enrollment due to summer, vacations, moving, etc. We had an opportunity to expand our space and layout, and our old location will be used by our sister company, Empire Dance Studio, as a much needed second studio. The Underwood School will have six lesson rooms, larger lobby/parent area, a proper reception counter, break room, and areas to hold group classes. In addition we can use larger rehearsal space at the Dance Studio as well. What this means is being able to better serve our students and parents, allowing multiple lessons at the same time, a greater variety of lesson times, more convenience for the parents and students, and an expanded class schedule. Please check back as we complete the move and reopen for regular lessons July 13th.  WE ARE STILL AVAILABLE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, AND WE ARE STILL MEETING NEW STUDENTS FOR TRIAL LESSONS AND NEW ENROLLMENT LESSONS. I will post pictures soon and some other exciting changes coming.Thank you for your continued support, Tony

Qualities of a Performing Artist

by Tony Underwood on 07/02/13

Hi, Hope everyone is having a great, though soggy day! We all read and produce articles about the benefits of studying music, dance, drama, etc. Some let you see how it makes students better at other things, such as science or math,  or show how it will help them in school. I think all of these reasons are sound, however, I have always believed through experiencing and teaching and performing that the arts should be studied firstly for their own sake. Studying the performing arts is as honorable and respectful as any other area of study. That said, there are reasons to study the arts other than the direct benefit. So here is a compilation of qualities that the performing artist has and uses on a daily basis. Parents,  partners, educators and employers should take note, as the few lines about Music, Dance or Drama in the "Other Abilities" section of a resume can tell you what kind of employee the applicant will make. Thanks, and remember, keep singing, playing, dancing and acting!

PERFORMING ARTISTS (ARE):               

  Confident  Artists are confident performing in front of a crowd.

Independent Thinkers   Music, Dance & Drama require independent drive.

Team Players Comfortable with a solo, performers know even solo work is for the team good, and work together as part of team routines.

Flexible  Performers must think on their feet and thrive on challenges & change.

Learn & Teach   Learning & teaching is a part of every performers life. They continue to learn and provide education throughout their career.

Get The Job Done    Performers know “The Show Must Go On”.

Creative Thinkers.   Just like Da Vinci, Einstein, Jobs, Henry Ford, Warren Buffet, performers merge creativity with every day tasks.

Doers Performers accomplish tasks, acquire new skills, work with all types of people,  always   putting their best “foot” forward.

Excel in All Walks of Life & All Professions  Ask a successful person if they studied the performing arts, many will tell you it played an            important part in their lives and success.  

Live Their Dreams   Performers can remain  active artists throughout their lives.

You & your child can become : adept, quick, confident, determined, hard-working, independent, successful, goal oriented, team players, mentally & physically able & emotionally strong! 

© 2013 The Underwood School


Summer Lessons

by Tony Underwood on 06/24/13

The Underwood School offers Lessons throughout the summer. We are month-to - month with no contracts. If a student withdraws because they will miss a lesson or two during vacations, I have seen two disappointing problems arise. First, the student loses their lesson time, and we have students on a waiting list for many times. Secondly, a break in lessons for even one or two weeks can make the student lose momentum and set back newly acquired skills. When lessons resume they may become frustrated with having to re--learn skills they had mastered. Losing the lesson time can also be a setback, with our busy schedules these days, many of my students keep the same day and time all through middle and high school! If you are going to be out, even several weeks this summer, please consider staying enrolled. With proper notice, missed lessons due to vacations, etc can be made up easily over the summer, as morning hours are available as well as afternoon and evening. Also, the student keeps their momentum going, and can make rapid progress due to the lesser workload of other activities over the summer. For others wanting to take lessons, Summer is a great time as we have openings available, and students can get off to a quick start due to having less school work. If you are thinking about lessons, now is a great time! We offer a trial lesson for $15, this gives the student, parent and instructor a chance to meet and discuss goals, lesson plans and the instructor can evaluate the students skill level. Call or text us today 407-456-1788. Keep making music!